Guest artist

Thierry Weber


Thierry Weber is a true music passer, convinced that this language of emotions is a vector of individual and collective emancipation.

It's his need for eclecticism that has guided him over the years to pursue a wide range of artistic experiments, inspired by his encounters and multiple interests.

Born in Dijon into a family of musicians involved in the brass band scene, he began his professional career as a horn player in the Dijon Opera orchestra for ten years, while also teaching in various music schools.

Attracted by a global vision of music, he then turned to conducting, which he experimented with in a number of opera productions, before moving on to orchestral experiences and various projects.

From repertoire to repertoire, from discovery to discovery, he refined and perfected his skills by obtaining a Master's degree in music mediation from the Paris-Sorbonne University. 

His artistic identity is thus based on the various orientations of his career, gradually leading him towards a personal approach to music and its place in society, with a desire for awareness and diversity.

A conductor specializing in the mediation of music, he now deploys his transmission skills through his teaching at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne (HEMU).

He is also artistic director of the ParteMus association, and works with a variety of French-language musical institutions to support projects that are committed to sharing the pleasure of music, with a vision that combines excellence and accessibility.

Concert of the artist

A. MARQUEZ Danzón n°2

Thierry Weber, direction
Manu Möser, comédien

In the family
La Nuit des Mayas Rendez-vous storytelling
15 mars 2025
16 mars 2025